Para os que não viram ainda e para alegrar aos que já o viram.

Há tempos escrevi uma resenha num site sobre o filme:

It is quite easy to think that our society lives in a world where the information is free.What most of people don't realize is the fact that you have to make the right questions BEFORE getting the answers. So, the information is not that free as we wanted it to be. Only an inquiring mind (with skeptical proficiency, I'd say) will be able to obtain a larger view of the main picture.Zeitgeist is, as a documentary, something that approaches to Michael Moore's style: Conspiracy I saw and you were not able to say so until I told you what really goes on.And it was sucessful in its purpose because it shows us that we don't have the information to refute what they say. And what they say? They say we are stupid and ruled by few. Why? Because we don't have information. They say war serves to secret societies formed by nazi-bankers that imploded the World Trade Center and killed JFK.And I say : why not? It fits. It works. I buy it.But what will I do with this information? Did I asked for it? Will it make me happier, more productive, healthier? I will run for president and change the world's black fate, shall I?This kind of formula with no propositive idea is not new. We saw the Protocols of Zion used that way.And the truth is only one at all:The only problem is that people just don't care...And it is quite clear to everyone of us around the Globe.Americans don't even vote anymore.With a good argument you can prove whatever you want. Especially when you are the only one who talks. The order, the system, whatever, is an ideology more powerful and subtle than a master plan of evil masons. Wake up you all and make the questions by yourselves. The point is clear, "who controls the past now controls the future, who controls the present now controls the past."The truth is outside ... ... of the television, the newspapers and even the internet.


PS> Sorry for the bad English, I am from Brasil (we wrote with an "S").

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